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South Park Super Mario Brothers

This  game is a mixture of south park and super mario. You play as Kyle and you must save yoyur friends by completing various levels. Each level is in a world and there are 4 levels to each world. I think this game is very challeging and fun. Click the link below to start the dowbload of the game.


Wire Hang

This is a very addicting game. You have to ascend through the never sky with a wire-claw that hooks on to the blocks above you. You adjust your shooting angle with the protractor thingy at the bottom which is controlled by your mouse.

You shoot by clicking or pressing the spacebar. Once you get the hang of it you can't stop playing.

Trust me. It's simple and fun but wierdly addicting

Click Here To Download Wire Hang

3 games you should play:
Rayhound: Shooter with no ammo
The green Pill: an evolution of snake
Invisible seed: play and see
(click the names to download the games)